Konseling Person Centered Dengan Nilai Budaya Minang dalam Membantu Penyesuaian Diri Siswa

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Thadeus Ega Fausta
Caecilia Binanda Rucitra Herestusiwi
M Ramli
Fitri Wahyuni


Students who migrate will find obstacles and then make adjustments. Minang’s cultural values are considered to assist students in making adjustments through personal-centered counseling. The purpose of this article is to (1) describe Minang’s culture in the context of guidance and counseling, (2) find configurations of person-centered counseling to help with adjustment, and (3) construct person-centered assistance to help with the adjustment. The study's results will be used to formulate the concept of person-centered counseling with Minang’s cultural values to help adjust. This research method is a literature review. The conclusion is that person-centered counseling combined with elements of Minang culture is predicted to be able to help students adjust. The person-centered approach focuses more on the counseling relationship so that the counselee can be open about his problems. Meanwhile, Minang's cultural values and self-adjustment are similar in the personal and social fields of guidance and counseling. Specifically, Minang’s cultural values are used by counselors in helping counselees to accept their situation in the here and now context.


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Fausta, T. E. ., Herestusiwi, C. B. R. ., Ramli, M., & Wahyuni, F. . (2022). Konseling Person Centered Dengan Nilai Budaya Minang dalam Membantu Penyesuaian Diri Siswa. Prosiding Konseling Kearifan Nusantara (KKN), 2, 464–473. Retrieved from https://proceeding.unpkediri.ac.id/index.php/kkn/article/view/3108