Prosiding Konseling Kearifan Nusantara (KKN) 2024-02-02T16:11:19+07:00 Mr. Guruh Sukma Hanggara Open Journal Systems <p><strong>Prosiding Konseling Kearifan Nusantara</strong> merupakan media publikasi dari berbagai hasil penelitian, kajian teoritik maupun pengabdian kepada masyarakat dalam bidang Bimbingan dan Konseling yang di publikasikan oleh Program Studi Bimbingan dan Konseling, Universitas Nusantara PGRI Kediri. Artikel yang diterbitkan dalam prosiding ini merupakan artikel yang telah dipresentasikan dalam sesi pararel Seminar Nasional Konseling Kearifan Nusantara (KKN). </p> <p>=======================================================================</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> Wisdom-Oriented Counseling Approach Sebagai Alternatif Solusi Persoalan-Persoalan Kekerasan Anak dan Remaja Reorientasi Kepribadian 2024-01-20T16:27:53+07:00 Triyono <p>The counselor's expertise in navigating the client's development from negative conditions to positive conditions does not only lie in their mastery of counseling theory. One thing that is thought to have a strong influence is the basic attitude of the counselor who cares about the benefit of the counselee (wisdom-oriented). There are a number of cognitive, emotive and conative characteristics, as well as strong character and behavior that counselors must have. Likewise, when helping clients whose needs are not being met, their goals are not being achieved, and especially those who are still young and are in the process of developing their self-identity, a counselor's caring attitude is needed. It is suspected that most of the perpetrators of acts of violence, including sexual violence, and intolerant attitudes occurred because they lost an environment full of love and hope. Is there anything the counselor can prepare for himself who cares about his welfare? Do you need an older counselor for that? How can the wisdom-oriented counseling approach be applied to help teenagers who are lazy?</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Triyono Penguatan Konselor Sebaya sebagai Implementasi Buddy Program untuk Mencegah Bullying di Sekolah 2024-01-20T19:10:57+07:00 Sri Panca Setyawati <p>The high quantity and quality of bullying cases, especially those that occur in the school in some regions, causes Indonesia to be in an emergency condition of bullying. Even this bullying phenomenon is like an iceberg, only viral cases are in the spotlight but behind the viral cases stored a very dangerous latent danger. Perpetrators, victims, even witnesses of bullying if they do not get proper treatment will cause problems. At school the most competent party in handling bullying cases is the guidance and counseling teacher (BK teacher) and or school counselor. But based on data, the ratio of guidance and counseling/counselors is not proportional to the number of students who must be given services. As a result, BK/counselor teachers in providing less than reach of service. The purpose of presenting this article is to offer alternatives to overcome the problem of BK/counselor teacher ratios that can be implemented, especially related to efforts to prevent bullying in schools, namely strengthening peer counselors as the implementation of Buddy programs.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Sri Panca Setyawati Best Practice Implementasi Nilai Asah Asih Asuh Ki Hadjar Dewantara Serta Implikasinya Terhadap Layanan Supervisi Bimbingan dan Konseling 2024-01-20T19:24:05+07:00 Mila Yunita Rosalia Dewi Nawantara M. Zidni Nafi'a <p>This research aims to examine the implementation of Ki Hadjar Dewantara's "Asah Asih Asuh" (A3) value in supporting educational services and its contribution to guidance and counseling (BK) supervision services. The method used in this research is a literature study that includes literacy analysis of the implementation of A3 values and BK supervision services. Data analysis was conducted by organizing, synthesizing, and interpreting the value of A3 in the context of education and BK supervision. The search results show that the A3 value is proven to optimize the educational process in various scientific fields, can be carried out at various levels of education, can be implemented in all educational leaders and is not culturally biased. The results of the review show that the A3 value has a high relevance to the principles of supervisors. Future recommendations need to apply the A3 value in BK supervision services to optimize culturally appropriate supervision.</p> 2024-01-20T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Mila Yunita, Rosalia Dewi Nawantara, M. Zidni Ilman Nafi’a Menelisik Efek Kecerdasan Budaya Konselor terhadap Keberhasilan Konseling: Perspektif Systematic Literature Review 2024-01-20T19:36:00+07:00 Santy Andrianie Laily Tiarani Soejanto Khairul Bariyyah Restu Dwi Ariyanto <p>Cultural intelligence is a competency that must be possessed by counselors. With cultural intelligence possessed by counselors, they will be able to understand clients from various different cultural backgrounds. Of course, this will affect the success of the counseling process. This study uses the literature review method with the help of the PRISMA flow diagram application and secondary data. The secondary data obtained were 5539 articles, which, after going through the selection process, resulted in 20 articles that were worthy of analysis. Based on the analysis of the literature review, an understanding was obtained that cultural intelligence can influence counseling.</p> 2024-01-20T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Santy Andrianie, Laily Tiarani Soejanto, Khairul Bariyyah, Restu Dwi Ariyanto Implementasi Nilai Kasih Sayang dan Pemahaman dalam Pembentukan Karakter Anak TK/SD dengan Teknik Sandiwara Boneka 2024-01-20T19:44:38+07:00 Tiara Nabilla Novitasari Feren Ramadhani P.P Nora Yuniar Setyaputri <p>Childhood is an important phase in character building. At this time, children are very sensitive to stimuli, both related to physical, motor, intellectual, social, emotional, and language. However, the rapid advancement of technology began to reduce the cultural values and character of the nation's generation. Character education in dasaar schools is the key to helping a generation that has strong character. Character education can be done through various approaches, one of which is puppet theatrical techniques. This technique can attract children's attention and make it easier to understand the character values conveyed, puppet theatrical techniques can be used to add a variety of character values, such as honesty, responsibility, and cooperation. Through this technique, it is hoped that children can grow into individuals with strong character and can contribute positively to society</p> 2024-01-20T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Tiara Nabilla Novitasari, Feren Ramandhani P.P., Nora Yuniar Setyaputri Analisis Penanganan Psikologis terhadap Anak Korban Pelecehan Seksual 2024-01-20T19:53:01+07:00 Feren Ramadhani Putri Pradika Tanaya Bayu Angesti Setya Adi Sancaya <p>In this day and age there are many problems with children. how not at a very early age and need good development and in the content of things that are posistif actually damaged. The rights of the child are usurped by irresponsible people. For example, sexual harrashment that can cause child development so unclear. Sexual harrashment &nbsp;itself is increasing significantly and the rate of sexual violence in Indonesian children almost every year rises. This is due to lack of attention and less serious attention. So that the most common negative effect felt by the victim is psychological damage. So that the occurrence of psychological damage can cause negative effects of long-term for children.</p> 2024-01-20T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Feren Ramadhani Putri Pradika, Tanaya Bayu Angesti, Setya Adi Sancaya Mengoptimalkan Peran Konseling Multikultural dalam Menciptakan Lingkungan yang Toleran 2024-01-20T19:57:34+07:00 Feren Ramadhani Putri Pradika Tiara Nabilla Novitasari Nora Yuniar Setyaputri <p>Indonesia is a multicultural nation, with cultural diversity which can give rise to differences and conflict. Multicultural counseling can be a solution to overcome this problem. Multicultural education is a learning process that teaches students to understand and appreciate cultural differences. Multicultural education can be implemented in schools through various programs, such as cultural festivals, student exchanges, and other activities that promote intercultural understanding. These programs can help students build awareness of cultural diversity, reduce conflict, and encourage cross-cultural collaboration. With multicultural counseling, schools can create a learning environment that is tolerant and respects diversity. This will encourage students to become good and responsible citizens. Multicultural education is important to implement in schools to overcome problems of differences and conflicts that arise from cultural diversity. Multicultural education can help students understand and appreciate cultural differences, so that they can live side by side in harmony in a pluralistic society.</p> 2024-01-20T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Feren Ramadhani P.P, Tiara Nabilla Novitasari, Nora Yuniar Setyaputri Strategi Pembelajaran Berbasis Kearifan Lokal sebagai Upaya Penguatan Pendidikan Karakter di Era Globalisasi 2024-01-20T20:01:54+07:00 Rara Eka Yurika Hayatul Khairul Rahmat <p>The globalization era can cause cultural homogeneity. Cultural homogeneity if not addressed properly, will have an impact on the decline in the quality of the character of the younger generation. The decline in the quality of the character of the younger generation has led to the emergence of many behaviors that are not in accordance with applicable norms, such as fraud and crime. This study aims to examine local wisdom-based learning strategies as an effort to strengthen character education in the globalization era. The result of this study is that the local wisdom-based learning strategy is carried out using the self-directed learning method. There are four stages of the implementation of learning strategies that can be implemented, namely the planning stage, the implementation stage, the supervision stage, and the assessment stage. Things that need to be prepared by the school to implement this learning strategy are administration, cooperation or partners, and infrastructure.</p> 2024-01-20T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Rara Eka Yurika, Hayatul Khairul Rahmat Mewujudkan Lingkungan Belajar yang Aman: Peran Konselor dalam Mencegah dan Mengatasi Bullying 2024-01-20T20:09:24+07:00 Rosi Budiani Lidia Septyani Wichas Aziziah Setya Adi Sancaya <p>Bullying is a term for the act of violence or oppression of the more powerful party in terms of age, strength, power to the weak. form of bullying behavior that is physical bullying, verbal bullying and mental bullying / psychological that may adversely affect the sacrifice, such as bruises, cuts, pain, timid, and so forth, and in the long run that is impaired 'psychological and social adjustment that bad. Counselors have an important role in preventing and tackling bullying in schools, for it required a comprehensive and efficient service to all students, with various skills and media that can help the performance of Counselors in addressing bullying.</p> 2024-01-20T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Rosi Budiani, Lidia Septyani, Wichas Aziziah, Setya Adi Sancaya Meningkatkan Self Esteem pada Korban Pelecehan Seksual 2024-01-20T20:16:06+07:00 RR. Intan Laksmita Mayastuty <p>Sexual harassment against women is not only a serious violation of human rights, but also a trauma that can create long-term scars, especially in the psychological dimension.Objectivesystematic literature review This is to determine the effect of sexual harassment on the self esteem of victims of sexual harassment. The method used is a systematic literature review or systematic literature review.&nbsp; uses 4 databases namely (Eric, Science Direct, Scopus, Google Scholar). The article was then published review get the expected picture in accordance with the research question (Research Question), which for this study used subjects of abuse victims with a range of ages (14 – 24 year).Based on the results 47.599 There were seven research articles reviewed that met all the inclusion criteria and objectives of this literature review. Results of this study most victims of sexual harassment have low self esteem because they feel worthless. However, social support can help increase the self esteem of victims of sexual harassment. Without realizing it, the victim will feel valuable and be more able to accept himself when he gets support from the people around him.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 RR. Intan Laksmita Mayastuty Peran Guru BK dalam Pengambilan Keputusan Karir Siswa SMK Negeri 2 Kediri 2024-01-20T20:21:14+07:00 Doni Santoso Tresya Dela Adelia Salma Rachellia Putri Pratama Seha Ananda Vima Arlani Iftirosy Nanda Destya Putri Nora Yuniar Setyaputri <p>Vocational school students are the target audience for career services, a sort of guidance and counseling program because upon graduation, they are expected to be prepared for employment, entrepreneurship, or further education. Through additional study in vocational school majors, they are encouraged to enhance and develop their skills, interests, and capabilities. In actuality, though, a large number of students at SMKN 2 Kediri are unaware of their skills, passions, and abilities. As a result, individuals struggle to select a vocation. To help pupils overcome these issues, experts provide innovative solutions such as monitoring guidance and counseling teachers. The purpose of this study is to investigate how guidance and counseling teachers influence students' career decisions.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Doni Santoso, Tresya Dela Adelia, Salma Rachellia Putri Pratama, Seha Ananda, Vima Arlani Iftirosy, Nanda Destya Putri, Nora Yuniar Setyaputri Prototype Permainan Bitingan Sebagai Upaya Penguatan Sikap Kemandirian Siswa di SMP Negeri 8 Tarakan 2024-01-20T20:35:29+07:00 Rilma Abigael Julianti Fernanda Nisa Ariantini Emmy Ardiwinata <p>Media of Guidance and Counseling is the whole thing that can be used to pursue the guidance and counseling messages that can stimulate students' thoughts, feelings, attention and willingness to understand, direct themselves, make decisions and solve problems faced. The objectives in this study were to determine the Validity of Bitingan Game Prototype as an effort to strengthen the attitude of Student Independence. The focus of this research was on the development of traditional. The method used in this study was the development product in this study was based on the flow of the modified research and development from Borg and Gall in Sugiyono. Based on the results of research on the product design validation stage conducted by media experts, it reached a score of 48 which was at 80%, while the score of material experts reached 56 which was at 93.3%. Based on the validation results in the Bitingan game, the average assessment result was obtained at 86.6%. traditional game on the product development was stated "Very Worthy"</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Rilma Abigael Julianti Fernanda, Nisa Ariantini, Emmy Ardiwinata Systematic Literature Review : Kesejahteraan Subjektif pada Remaja di Sekolah Menengah 2024-01-20T20:45:43+07:00 Pikri Nopen Nurul Khoiriyah Mahza Fadilah <p>Subjective wellbeing in adolescents is an important aspect in the development phase, having good subjective wellbeing will support the adolescents in developing life. This research aims to determine the factors that influence subjective well-being and counselling interventions that can improve subjective wellbeing in adolescents. The method used is a systematic literature review. This research were obtained from three databases ; Science Direct, Google Scholar and Wiley. The subjects in this study were teenagers in middle school with age range of 13-18 years. Based on the results of 41,704 research articles, ten articles were reviewed that met all the inclusion criteria and objectives of this literature review. The results show that several factors that influence the subjective well-being of adolescents, including : The role of teachers, student participation at school, quality of friendship, spirituality, a comfortable and clean environment, peer’s social support, school climate, and socio-economic factors. Then counselling to improve well-being of teenagers is group counseling through the snowball throwing and rational emotive education.</p> 2024-01-20T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Pikri Nopen, Nurul Khoiriyah, Mahza Fadilah Penerapan Nilai-Nilai Pancasila Sebagai Upaya Mereduksi Kecanduan Game Online Pada Siswa SDN Mojoroto 2 Kediri 2024-01-23T14:29:45+07:00 Aina Salsabila Akbarudina Helda Dena Fitara Lani Diana Nila Auliana Nur Farikhah Putri Fatca Novitasari Vivi Ratnawati <p>One of the results of the development of internet technology is online games. From a preliminary study conducted by researchers, it can be seen that the online game addiction of students at SDN Mojoroto 2 Kediri has a greater negative impact. The negative impact is changes in student behavior such as fantasizing and uncontrollable hands. The aim of this research is to reduce it by applying Pancasila values ​​as an effort to reduce online game addiction. This research on online game addiction uses a phenomenological method with a qualitative approach. With data collection procedures, namely using interviews, documentation and observation. The results of the research show that Pancasila is a strong guideline in forming the character of the younger generation because Pancasila is the basis of the Indonesian state which contains noble values ​​that can shape students' character and morals. By conducting this research, it is hoped that the younger generation will be able to know, sort and avoid the negative impacts of online games by applying Pancasila values.</p> 2024-01-23T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Aina Salsabila Akbarudina, Helda Dena Fitara, Lani Diana, Nila Auliana Nur Farikhah, Putri Fatca Novitasari, Vivi Ratnawati Praksis Konseling Adiktif untuk Meningkatkan Kompetensi Kepribadian Guru Bimbingan dan Konseling 2024-01-26T09:45:41+07:00 Cindy Asli Pravesti Dimas Ardika Miftah Farid Hartono Hartono Maghfirotul Lathifah <p>Guidance and counseling teachers provide assistance in the healing process of addictive substance addicts through the addiction counseling process. Thus, the personality competence of the counselor or guidance and counseling teacher has an important role in the healing process of the counselee. For this reason, the purpose of implementing community service is to improve the personality of guidance and counseling teachers through addiction counseling practice. The service method used is services learning. The target is MGBK SMA Sidoarjo Regency. The implementation is in October 2023. Meanwhile, the output of community service activities is an article published in the Proceedings of SENJA KKN #4 by Universitas Nusantara PGRI Kediri and in the form of posters will be submitted for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). As for the process of community service activities, it has been carried out smoothly. Then, the implementation of addiction counseling for counselees who abuse addictive substances can be adjusted appropriately in each school.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Cindy Asli Pravesti, Dimas Ardika Miftah Farid, Hartono, Maghfirotul Lathifah Peran Guru BK Dalam Pencegahan Dan Penanganan Kasus Bullying Di Sekolah 2024-01-26T12:43:31+07:00 Fresty Aprilina Setya Adi Sancaya Atrup Atrup <p>Bullying is when a person or group abuses their power or authority. Education is a conscious, planned, programmed and ongoing effort to help students improve their abilities in terms of psychomotor, affective and cognitive aspects. Bullying behavior is a form of violence and aggression among students at school. Bullying can come from peers, seniors or upperclassmen, and even teachers and school staff themselves. The role of the guidance counselor/counselor is expected to be able to provide guidance and solutions for students involved in bullying by optimizing the types of services students need. The aim is that bullying can be minimized in the school environment and students can adopt positive behavior so that they avoid bullying.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Fresty Aprilina, Setya Adi Sancaya , Atrup Perilaku Remaja ‘Desa’ Dalam Penggunaan Platfrom Media Sosial 2024-01-26T13:36:44+07:00 Karisma Amanda Putri Atrup Atrup <p>Social media invites anyone who is interested to participate by giving feedback openly, making comments, and sharing information quickly and without limits. With the existence of social media, there has been a cultural shift among teenagers, for example they do not hesitate to upload all kinds of personal activities via social media. When these teenagers post a side of their life that is full of fun, it is not uncommon for them to feel lonely in reality. Teenagers often think that the more active they are, they are considered cool and trendy, while teenagers who don't have social media are usually considered old-fashioned or outdated and less social. Therefore, the purpose of taking this title itself is to conduct research with the aim of being able to find out what factors influence changes in adolescent behavior due to the use of social media and how to handle it so that the negative impacts that arise do not become even worse.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Karisma Amanda Putri, Atrup Pemanfaatan Media Sosial Sebagai Sarana Layanan Informasi Dalam Bimbingan Dan Konseling 2024-01-26T13:54:11+07:00 Zubaidah Zubaidah Lisnawati Lisnawati Anggie Resa Safitri M. Aidil Yasin Adzra Reva Labibah <p>Social media is very developed in today’s modern era, many are unable to optimize the use of social media wisely.&nbsp; Guidance and counseling teachers play an important role in optimizing social media, namely by using social media as an information service in guidance and counseling.&nbsp; A guidance and counseling teacher must follow the current developments of the times in accordance with contemporary principles, guidance and counseling teachers also need media that is in accordance with current developments, namely using social media as a means of providing information services to provide understanding to someone who needs information for the benefit of their life and development.&nbsp; By using social media, it is very easy for BK teachers to get appropriate information to provide information services.&nbsp; The use of social media makes it easier for everyone to access information services because social media can be used by anyone. The use of social media is very effective because there is a lot of information on social media that we can use as a means of information services.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Zubaidah, Lisnawati, Anggie Resa Safitri, M. Aidil Yasin, Adzra Reva Labibah Pengembangan Karir Dan Motivasi Kinerja Karyawan Sisi Sungai Cafe Kediri 2024-01-26T14:28:34+07:00 Pengageng Arya Atrup Atrup Zeny Adchiatun <p>This study aims to determine and analyze the influence of career development and motivation on employee performance at Sisi Sungai Café Kediri. The results of the study will then be forwarded to scientific activities with the planned method used being quantitative causality. The object of this research is motivation, career development and employee performance. The subjects in this research were all 30 employees at Sisi Sungai Café Kediri. Data collection used interview and questionnaire methods. The analysis technique used is the path analysis technique. The hypothesis proposed is that: (1) Career development and work motivation have a positive and significant effect on the performance of Sisi Sungai Cafe Kediri employees, (2) Career development has a positive and significant effect on the performance of Sisi Sungai Cafe Kediri employees, (3) Work motivation has a positive and significant effect on the performance of Sisi Sungai Cafe Kediri employees, and (4) Career development has a positive and significant effect on the work motivation of Sisi Sungai Cafe Kediri employees.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Pengageng Arya, Atrup, Zeny Adchiatun Penerapan Konseling Kelompok Melalui Teknik Assertive Training Untuk Mengatasi Korban Bullying 2024-01-26T14:51:38+07:00 Ahmad Nashrulloh Aning Kurnia Wahyu Diana Dewi Fitriani Setya Adi Sancaya <p>Bullying is a negative behavior carried out by a person or group to hurt other people with pleasure and is carried out repeatedly so that the victim feels depressed and helpless. One of the reasons someone tends to become a victim of bullying is because they have a low assertive attitude. Assertive attitudes occur in victims of bullying who often feel anxious and do not have the ability to communicate to defend their personal rights. The problem of bullying is a serious problem in the educational environment that must be resolved. There needs to be the participation of various parties, especially guidance and counseling, to help students who are victims of bullying to behave more assertively by using group counseling services with assertive training techniques. Group counseling with assertive training techniques was chosen to create a safe space where bullying victims can share experiences, learn from others, and develop communication skills and as a basis for helping bullying victims respond assertively to bullying situations without harmingthemselves.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Ahmad Nashrulloh, Aning Kurnia Wahyu Diana, Dewi Fitriani, Setya Adi Sancaya Strategi Pendidikan Holistik: Penerapan Teknik Reinforcement Untuk Prestasi Optimal Siswa Sdn Pojok 2 Kediri 2024-01-26T15:24:23+07:00 Aurilia Nikmatul Maula Vikris Sa’adah Reny Rochmatun Nisak Rika Nur Cahyanti Vivi Ratnawati <p>This stydy is research that aims to find out whether the learning process is optimal or not as well as the distribution of time priorities for class V students at SDN POJOK 2 KEDIRI and to find out student learning outcomes after being given reinforcement techniques by a group of researchers. Apart from that, the group also pays attention to student behavior. , Behavior itself is a certain action carried out by an individual through learning results. In this research, the behavior of a class V student with the initials A is a behavior that needs to be given positive reinforcement, because with reinforcement it will make him able to balance academic achievement, namely by still being able to actively participate in class learning and being able to do homework, as well as non-standard achievements. academically, namely by continuing to train and take part in competitions in the field of karate.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 AuriliaNikmatul Maula,Vikris Sa’adah,Reny Rochmatun Nisak,Rika Nur Cahyanti,Vivi Ratnawati Studi Tentang Masyarakat Hindu Di Desa Pakis Kecamatan Kunjang Kabupaten Kediri 2024-01-26T15:47:26+07:00 Beyohan Delafirda Canio Abadi Agus Budianto Yatmin Yatmin <p>This research is based on the teachings of Hinduism in Pakis village, Kunjang subdistrict, Kediri district, which has succeeded in maintaining Hinduism amidst other religions. This is unique, even though daily activities are mutually respectful of each other. This research is descriptive qualitative research. Data collection was obtained in the form of interviews, case studies and observations. With the research location in Pakis Village, Kunjang subdistrict, Kediri Regency. The results of this research are to describe the background to the introduction of Hinduism in Pakis Village, Kunjang District, Kediri Regency, along with what religious ceremony activities are carried out by the Hindu religious community and the Arya Krisna Kepakisan Temple as a place of worship in Pakis Village, Kunjang District, Kediri Regency.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Beyohan Delafirda Canio Abadi, Agus Budianto, Yatmin Implementasi Psikoedukasi Kedamaian untuk Menekan Kekerasan Siswa 2024-01-26T16:12:06+07:00 Risma Risansyah Febri Eka Aji Permana Wahyu Nanda Eka Saputra <p>Violence in the educational environment is still a prevalent phenomenon. Student vioence is influenced by the level of aggressiveness they possess. Aggressiveness is a natur urge to behave aggressvively which can ben triggered by the enviorment. Student who do not obtain inner and outer peace are prone to expressing their aggressiveness in the form of violence. Therefore, guidance and counseling teachers can provide peace psychoeducation so that students have an understanding of peace so they can supress aggressiveness which manifests in the form of violence. The implementation of peace psychoeducation is expected to reduce the number of student violence cases in the educational environment.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Risma Risansyah, Febri Eka Aji Permana, Wahyu Nanda Eka Saputra Efektivitas Bimkel dengan Metode Karya Wisata dalam Meningkatkan Karakter Peduli Lingkungan pada Siswa Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan 2024-01-20T05:28:57+07:00 Tiyas Pramudita Rohmatul holifah Atrub <p>Group guidance is the process of providing assistance by counselors or BK teachers to students in group situations to discuss certain topics. Methods in group guidance vary, one of which is the field trip method. In group guidance, field trip techniques will invite students to learn outside the classroom and use the environment as a learning resource. In addition, group guidance with the&nbsp; field trip method is also an alternative to improve the&nbsp; character of&nbsp; caring for&nbsp; the environment of students. The character&nbsp;&nbsp; of caring for the environment at&nbsp; this time is needed. Because environmental damage&nbsp; is getting worse day by day. To grow this character,students are invited to learn and be directly involved in environmental conservation activities. The goal is to&nbsp; increase awareness and character of caring for the environment.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Tiyas Pramudita, Rohmatul Kholifah, Atrup Membangun Kepribadian Unggul: Penguatan Rasa Percaya Diri Siswa Kelas IX melalui Teknik Shaping di SMP Negeri 2 Patianrowo 2024-01-31T06:12:39+07:00 Heni Alfiaz Sandra Prima Wati Sulis Dwi Nurita Shenina Adhila Langmui Vivi Ratnawati <p>This study aims to understand confidence-building strategies in students of Class IX-D at Patianrowo State Secondary School through shaping techniques. The research method used was qualitative-descriptive with an observational approach for three weeks. The results showed that shaping techniques can help students overcome low self-confidence, although improvements in some aspects of self-confidence are still needed. This positive change contributes to the development of the superior personalities of students in the adolescent phase.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Heni Alfiaz, Sandra Prima Wati, Sulis Dwi Nurita, Shenina Adhila Langmui, Vivi Ratnawati Pencegahan Kekerasan Seksual pada Remaja di Desa Cokroyasan Purworejo 2024-01-31T06:33:21+07:00 Antonius Ian Bayu Setiawan Ruuhuly Ikbari Husna Nursan Prangbakat <p>Sexual harassment is an issue that is currently hot because it targets today's teenagers. Providing education regarding the prevention of sexual harassment is intended so that participants have an understanding of the prevention and treatment if they see a relative or relative become a victim of sexual harassment through various means. The aim of this activity is to increase teenagers' knowledge regarding sexual violence and matters related to it, namely reproductive health and gender. The results of this activity show that Cokroyasan village adolescent know more clearly about the prevention of sexual violence, and during the activity, the participants were cooperative and actively involved in the activities carried out.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Antonius Ian Bayu Setiawan, Ruuhuly Ikbari Husna, Nursan Prangbakat Implementasi Psikoedukasi Ajaran KH Ahmad Dahlan untuk Membangun Budaya Damai di Sekolah 2024-01-31T09:05:01+07:00 Hanan Riati Eka Markhati Solikhah Wahyu Nanda Eka Saputra <p>Cases of violence and bullying are problems in schools that continue to increase from time to time. This is a serious problem in the world of education. One effort that can be made to prevent and overcome this is to build a culture of peace in schools. A culture of peace in schools supports and is effective in reducing violence in schools. KH Ahmad Dahlan has teachings that contain the values ​​of peace which include (1) achieving goals freely, sincerely, and responsibly (2) tolerance (3) seeking the truth and not following habits that are considered correct (4) humility and (5) love or compassion. KH Ahmad Dahlan's value of peace can be used to build a culture of peace in schools.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Hanan Riati, Eka Markhati Solikhah, Wahyu Nanda Eka Saputra Kegunaan Instrumen Tes dalam Bimbingan dan Konseling 2024-01-31T10:00:44+07:00 Zubaidah Zubaidah Abdillah Basit Dwi Maryan Khadijah Ainul Mutmainnah <p>When conducting research on students or clients, one of the tools that can be used is a test instrument. In this article, the author focuses on explaining the branch of test instruments which is a tool for measuring various aspects, such as knowledge, personality, skills, abilities, attitudes, and talents. The test instrument that will be discussed is the MBTI test, the purpose of implementing the MBTI test is so that someone can gain insight into individual personality preferences, which can help counselors and clients understand themselves and others, understand individual personalities, improve communication, team development, conflict management, leadership development, counseling, and personal development. The use of the MBTI in guidance and counseling should be combined with other approaches, such as interviews, observation, and consideration of the client's context, to provide a more complete understanding overall. The method used by the author in this article is a literature review</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Zubaidah, Abdillah Basit, Dwi Maryani, Khadijah Ainul Mutmainnah Layanan Telekonseling untuk Efisiensi Waktu Layanan Konseling Di SMK Bhakti Mulia Pare 2024-01-31T10:11:58+07:00 Putri Mu’awanah Ashari Dyah Ayu Retno Wulan Amelia Eka Prasasti Faizal Faiz Fitrotun Na’imah Dinda Riski Angelia Nora Yuniar Setyaputri <p>The urgency of holding this telecounseling is due to limited time for guidance and counseling teachers in providing individual counseling, the number of guidance and counseling teachers is not proportional to the students, causing the attention given to students in individual counseling is not optimal. The aim of Telecounseling is that counselors and counselees can carry out individual counseling by utilizing digital platforms. Individual counseling is a process where the counselee receives direct services from the counselor and can experience problem solving for the counselee. The client benefits and embraces himself to achieve more realistic life goals in terms of learning and problem solving. Digital is a type of modernization or technological renewal which is often associated with the availability of computers and the internet. where human activities are made easier by the use of sophisticated machines for everything. Online counseling or what is better known as telecounseling is in principle the same as offline counseling, but what makes it different is the counseling process. Providing counseling is not limited to a place, meaning it can be done anytime and anywhere according to the agreement between the counselor and the counselee. Telecounseling will be special because it uses technology to provide counseling services remotely, giving counselees simpler and more flexible access to mental health care</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Putri Mu’awanah Ashari, Dyah Ayu Retno Wulan, Amelia Eka Prasasti, Faizal Faiz, Fitrotun Na’imah, Dinda Riski Angelia, Nora Yuniar Setyaputri Layanan Presensi Digital Untuk Mengurangi Perilaku Membolos Di SMK 1 Pawyatan Dhaha Kediri 2024-01-31T10:18:54+07:00 Ardhi Armadika Indah Ayu Nasfatul Romadoni Dhea Febrianti Gresica Mery Andani Refina Al fazza Eril Wahyu Alfiano Nora Yuniar Setyaputri <p>The problem currently occurring among students at SMKN 1 Pawyatan Daha Kediri is that they are often late and absent due to lack of supervision from their parents. Parents go to work before students, making them feel like no one knows or reprimands them when they want to skip class. Lack of attention or lack of cooperation from parents whose children have problems at school. The author used this research with the aim of finding out the factors behind truant behavior, the guidance and counseling teacher's handling efforts for students' truant behavior. Researchers provide innovation to help overcome students' truant behavior by using digital attendance. The data collection techniques used in the research were interviews and documentation.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Ardhi Armadika, Indah Ayu Nasfatul Romadoni, Dhea Febrianti, Gresica Mery Andani, Refina Al fazza, Eril Wahyu Alfiano, Nora Yuniar Septyaputri Konsep Dasar Tes Five Big Personality Traits pada Kepribadian Siswa 2024-01-31T10:27:01+07:00 Zubaidah Zubaidah Fira Febri Triana Grestia Ananta Raja Dhimas Sadewa <p>This study discusses the basic concepts of the Five Big Personality Traits test on student personality. The Big Five personality model has five important dimensions, namely Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. Every student has different learning styles, preferences and learning needs. Recognizing student personality differences allows educators to understand how to best teach and support each student. By paying attention to student preferences and learning needs, educators can adapt teaching strategies, provide appropriate resources, and create a supportive learning environment. The method used in this study is data collection by understanding and studying theories from various literature related to the study. The results of this study show that the basic concept of the Five Big Personality Traits Test can influence supporting students' personalities and that an inclusive and diverse approach is needed in the education system to support each student's personality to develop their unique potential</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Zubaidah, Fira Febri Triana, Grestia Ananta, Raja Dhimas Sadewa, Rifky Arkhan Pemanfaatan Biblio Konseling Sebagai Upaya Pencegahan Pelecehan Seksual Di Lingkungan Sekolah (Surakarta) 2024-01-31T10:30:51+07:00 Ahya Hafizh Afifi Erik Teguh Prakoso Laras Ayu Putri Budiarti Revandra Thalitha Kumala Putri Ananda Fara Adistama Rizky Firman Hendriansyah Dhanang Hadi Saputro Satrio Sakti Rumpoko <p>Sexual harassment, as explained in the Big Indonesian Dictionary, can be defined as a form of discrimination based on harassing actions, which include insulting, degrading, or ignoring someone. Meanwhile, sexual elements in this context refer to matters related to aspects of sex or gender, or related to issues of sexual relations between men and women. Sexual harassment includes behavior or attention that is sexual, that is unwelcome, unwanted, and may cause harm to the victim of the harassment</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Ahya Hafizh Afifi, Erik Teguh Prakoso, Laras Ayu Putri Budiarti, Revandra Thalitha Kumala Putri, Ananda Fara Adistama, Rizky Firman Hendriansyah, Dhanang Hadi Saputro, Satrio Sakti Rumpoko Prevalensi Self-Compassion pada Siswa SMA dan Implikasi pada Bimbingan dan Konseling 2024-01-31T10:35:45+07:00 Rohmatus Naini Alif Muarifah Riana Mashar Tsabitah Rizki Atikasari Difa Ayu Sabila Anty Kunanti <p>Self-compassion often called self-compassion is an important part of the character strengths that students need to have. The process of developing character strengths is an important part of the periodization of teenagers at school and also needs to be identified by guidance and counseling teachers. This study aims to analyze the prevalence of self-compassion in high school students in the city of Yogyakarta. This study is a quantitative descriptive study with a survey design involving 345 high school students in the city of Yogyakarta with an age range of 15-18 years. The instrument used is the self-compassion scale which consists of 26 items. The results of the analysis that have been carried out show that 213 students have moderate self-compassion, and 142 students have low self-compassion. These findings form the basis for providing guidance and counseling services in schools and developing research for future researchers</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Rohmatus Naini, Alif Muarifah, Riana Mashar, Anty Kunanti, Difa Ayu Sabila, Tsabitah Rizki Atikasari Integrasi Psikologi Positif dalam Mengatasi Perundungan: Upaya Mencapai Indonesia Emas 2045 2024-01-31T10:39:23+07:00 Diki Herdiansyah Meidiyana Putri <p>This research is motivated by the intensity of bullying which is still a hot issue in educational institutions. Based on the data collected, 84% of children have experienced violence at school, 40% with an age range of 13-15 have been victims of peer physical violence, and 75% have bullied in class.&nbsp; Bullying if left without special handling can have a negative impact on the victim, the perpetrator and the surroundings. Both the achievement and psychology of students. The purpose of this research is to obtain a literature study that adds insight and the role of positive psychology in the approach to handling bullying in educational institutions. The method used in this research is descriptive quantitative. The results of this study indicate that the importance of appropriate and accurate handling according to the needs of students so as to emphasize the percentage value of bullying at the educational institution level</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Diki Herdiansyah, Meidiyana Putri Body Shaming, Perundungan yang Merusak Masa Depan Remaja 2024-01-31T10:42:33+07:00 Tiara Nabilla Novitasari Atrup Atrup <p>Body shaming is an act that involves a negative assessment of the appearance of an individual's body shape. This action can have a negative impact on the psychological state of the individual, such as loss of self-confidence, difficulties in social life, as well as an increased risk of mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Adolescent girls are a group that is prone to body shaming. This is due to the existence of ideal beauty constructions portrayed by the mass media. This construction of beauty encourages women to meet those beauty standards, which are often unrealistic and unattainable by everyone. Psychologically, adolescent girls who experience body shaming feel insecure, insecure, embarrassed, and anxious. Socially, adolescent girls who experience body shaming tend to withdraw from social environments, have difficulty building relationships with others, and have difficulty in learning. This study aims to describe the impact of body shaming experienced by adolescents</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Tiara Nabilla Novitasari, Atrup Pengembangan Cyber Counseling Sebagai Inovasi Baru Dalam Layanan Bimbingan dan Konseling 2024-01-31T10:46:54+07:00 Fitriyah Fitriyah Cantika Putri Intania Moh. Riyadlotush Sholihin Sheila Widi Nurfaridah Nurfaridah Nora Yuniar Setyaputri <p>The aim of writing this article is to find out the counseling process services using the Cyber-counseling method. Cyber-counseling is a counseling process a counselor offers to a counselee via electronic media with internet support. This cyber-counseling can be done effectively without having the counselor and counselee carry out the counseling process directly, regardless of distance. Cyber-counseling has advantages such as high accessibility, time and cost efficiency, and diversity of choices. However, cyber-counseling also has weaknesses, namely that the relationship between counselor and counselee cannot be direct and data confidentiality is not good. This Cyber-counseling method is recommended for counselors who cannot meet directly with counselees and for counselees who cannot undergo the counseling process if they have to meet with the counselor in person</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Fitriyah, Cantika Putri Intania, Moh. Riyadlotush Sholihin, Sheila Widi, Nurfaridah, Nora Yuniar Setyaputri Konsep Kesempurnaan Hidup dalam Serat Madurasa: Sebuah Integrasi Layanan Bimbingan dan Konseling Berbasis Nilai Budaya 2024-01-31T10:55:12+07:00 Laelatul Arofah Rosalia Dewi Nawantara <p>This research explores the Concept of Perfection in the Serat Madurasa and integrates it into guidance and counseling services with a culturally based value approach. The Serat Madurasa is the primary source discussing Nuju Marang Tekade, Pancadriya, Prayitna, Weweka, Wiragnya, Tujuane, Laku, and Oleh-Olehane. The integration of these values guides the formation of determination and life goals, moral obligations, the distinction between good and bad, self-management, setting life goals, consistent actions, and the resulting outcomes. The study aims to identify the concept of perfection in the style of Serat Madurasa and explore the form of integrating these values into guidance and counseling services. This research employs a literature review method, seeking relevant theoretical references for identified cases or issues. Key concepts in guidance and counseling services deeply rooted in Javanese culture, particularly involving terms such as Nuju Marang Tekade, Pancadriya, Prayitna, Weweka, Wiragnya, Tujuane, Laku, and Oleh-Olehane, are extensively reviewed. In conclusion, implementing these concepts can provide a solid guide for guidance and counseling practitioners to assist individuals in achieving a perfect life by understanding and appreciating Javanese cultural values</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Laelatul Arofah, Rosalia Dewi Nawantara Analisis Pemilihan Karir Siswa MA di Kota Blitar Menggunakan Rothwell Miller Interest Blank (RMIB) 2024-01-31T08:09:28+07:00 Luky Priyanto Nanda Istiqomah Hana Athia Akhalini <p>The decision to choose a career is a quite important process in an individual's life, in this case including choosing a major in higher education, work, position and position. Self-understanding and career understanding will determine the career decisions that will be taken by individuals. Confusion in determining career choices, such as continuing higher education or choosing to work directly, is a problem experienced by MA students in the city of Blitar. The aim of this research is to provide an overview and understanding of MA students' skills in making career decisions that suit their interests when continuing higher education. Apart from that, it provides motivation and encouragement so that students study harder to be able to take a major according to their individual interests. This type of research is action research with an experimental type adapted to the MA conditions in Blitar City. The material is presented in the form of presenting RMIB measuring instruments, lectures, discussions, simulations and role plays. The results of this research show that the results obtained in the initial test have increased by 7.28. This shows an increase in the results obtained</p> 2023-08-05T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Luky Priyanto, Nanda Istiqomah, Hana Athia Akhalini Dampak Bullying Terhadap Kesehatan Mental Siswa 2024-01-31T17:30:22+07:00 Tiyas Pramudita Rohmatul Kholifah Setya Adi Sancaya <p>Bullying in schools is still a common occurrence. Bullying is aggressive behavior carried out by one or more people against someone or a group of others who are weaker. Bullying can be physical, verbal, or emotional. Bullying can have a negative impact on the mental health of the victim, the perpetrator, and the bystander. Mental health is a state of emotional, psychological, and social well-being that allows a person to realize their own potential, cope with normal life stressors, work productively, and contribute constructively to society. Therefore, bullying cases must be handled properly so that the mental health of students can be maintained.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Tiyas Pramudita, Rohmatul Kholifah, Setya Adi Sancaya Penerimaan Diri Pada Lansia 2024-01-31T17:37:45+07:00 Desi Maulia Rizmaya Dewi A.D Aldea Putri R Syafa’atu Maulida Onisia Enggal N.F <p>Studies on elderly individuals have not been widely researched by guidance and counseling researchers. Even though the number of elderly people in 2023 will reach 11.75%. Proper recognition of self-acceptance in the elderly will help improve the quality of life of the elderly. The aim of this research is to identify self-acceptance in the elderly. The research method uses a descriptive qualitative approach. The respondents involved four elderly people in the age range of 61 to 74 years. The results of the research show that elderly people accept themselves regarding health aspects by maintaining their diet and exercising. Elderly people also need family and friends in old age to accompany them. Elderly individuals also invest to protect themselves in old age. Gratitude and gratitude to God for the age and life he has been given up to now is done by diligently worshiping and giving alms. Some of the elderly have not had their wishes fulfilled, such as carrying out the Hajj pilgrimage, but there are those whose wishes they have had since they were young have been achieved. In conclusion, the elderly can accept their current situation and enjoy life happily with their families.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Desi Maulia, Rizmaya Dewi A.D., Aldea Putri R., Syafa’atu Maulida, Onisia Enggal N.F. Integrasi Nilai Tringa Ki Hadjar Dewantara dalam Pendekatan Focused Acceptance and Commitment Counseling (FACC) 2024-01-31T18:00:28+07:00 Rosalia Dewi Nawantara Mila Yunita Laelatul Arofah <p>Ki Hadjar Dewantara is a prominent figure in Indonesian education who has contributed significantly to the development of the national education system, including the implementation of guidance and counseling services. One of the notable values introduced by Ki Hadjar Dewantara is the tringa values, which include ngerti, ngrasa, and nglakoni. This study aims to interpret the texts written by Ki Hadjar Dewantara regarding the ngerti, ngrasa, nglakoni values, commonly referred to as tringa values. The research also aims to elaborate on the theoretical study regarding the integration of Ki Hadjar Dewantara's tringa values into the Focused Acceptance and Commitment Counseling (FACC) approach. The research methodology employed in this study is literature review, and the data analysis technique is content analysis. The findings indicate that the ngerti, ngrasa, nglakoni, or tringa values are practical values proposed by Ki Hadjar Dewantara, emphasizing the values that: (1) In achieving life goals, knowledge and understanding (ngerti) are necessary; (2) Knowing and understanding alone are not sufficient without presence and awareness (ngrasa); (3) Understanding and feeling also have little meaning without taking action and advocating (nglakoni); (4) These three values are integrated into the FACC approach as techniques in each counseling stage, namely openness, awareness, and engagement.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Rosalia Dewi Nawantara, Mila Yunita, Laelatul Arofah Peran Pemahaman Diri terhadap Pengambilan Keputusan Karir Mahasiswa 2024-01-31T18:13:00+07:00 Wahyu Siswalul Amin Sri Haryanti Yuniar Fitriani Desi Maulia <p>The ability to make career decisions is an important part for students to determine the next step to be taken. This study aims to identify aspects of self-introduction to career decision making in students. The study used descriptive qualitative. Data collection was conducted by interviewing 10 respondents who had the characteristics of an active student who had entered early adulthood with the age of 20 to 30 years. Data analysis uses descriptive qualitative. The results showed that in the aspect of self-understanding, almost some students already know about the preparation of career decision making. The conclusion in this study is that self-understanding is very instrumental in career decision making, therefore before making career decisions, you must first know your abilities, advantages and disadvantages, and know the preparation needed in making career decisions. The advice given to students during their studies should be to prepare for career decision making.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Wahyu Siswalul Amin, Sri Haryanti, Yuniar Fitriani, Desi Maulia4 Help Seeking Profesional Helper Being Butterfly Effects: Menuju Tercapainya Well-Being 2024-01-31T18:36:11+07:00 Diki Herdiansyah Rohmatus Naini <p>The most common mental health problem experienced by teenagers is anxiety. The increase in mental health problems among teenagers is very worrying. However, teenagers who most need mental health attention are reluctant to seek help, especially professional help. So this research aims to look at the picture of mental health in teenagers, the need to seek help, especially professional help, and apply the butterfly effect concept in everyday life to help overcome the mental health problems they experience. The method used in this research is a literature review in the form of an explanation of a theory, discovery and research obtained from reference materials such as books, scientific journals, articles and other documents. In this case, the researcher will first search various libraries to collect relevant information according to the topic. After obtaining various relevant library sources, the researcher then carries out analysis, comparing the results of one research with another and summarizing them. The results of this research are the high prevalence of mental health problems in teenagers, making teenagers need special attention and appropriate treatment in overcoming the mental health problems they experience. Therefore, the first step that can be taken is to seek professional help as an effort to resolve the mental problems they face. . However, another alternative that teenagers can do is to apply the butterfly effect concept in everyday life, such as saying thank you, improving good intentions, celebrating all achievements, creating positive habits, surrounding oneself with positive feelings and bringing changes to one's well-being and the environment.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Diki Herdiansyah, Rohmatus Naini Kajian Petirtaan Belahan (Candi) di Kabupaten Pasuruan 2024-01-31T18:39:39+07:00 Zeni Zulaikah Yatmin Yatmin Heru Budiono <p>Belahan Temple is a temple that has exotic statues of Lord Vishnu, Goddes Laksmi and also Goddes Sri. Belahan Temple is the dharma Temple of King Airlangga. This Temple is on the slopes of a mountain that considered sacred, namely&nbsp; Mount Penanggungan. The statues in Belahan Temple of King Airlangga. The statues in Belahan Temple have deep meanings and values which were intended to be conveyed by the disigners and builders of Belahan Temple. Especially King Airlangga as a dharma figure there. We can find out the meaning and values, one of which is by studying the iconography of Belahan Temple.The statue of Lord Vishnu, which is the embodiment of King Airlangga, is a symbol of a leader who is able to protect humans and the universe . Meanwhile, the statues of Dewi LAksmi and Dewi Sri are the embodiment of the wife of Lors Vishnu who always accompanies and helps Lord Vishnu. The Goddes Laksmi ststue in Belahan Temple is a symbol of a mother’s love for her child which will never be broken and the Dewi Sri statue in Belahan Temple symbolizez the bread of knowledge and prosperity.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Zeni Zulaikah, Yatmin, Heru Budiono Membentuk karakter: Nilai-Nilai Budaya dalam Memotivasi Siswa Lamban Belajar Dengan Teknik Token Ekonomi di SDN Pojok 1 2024-01-31T19:56:39+07:00 Farikha Rahmah Dira Febi Restufia Pangestu Ratri Eka Handini Via Dwi Linanda Vivi Ratnawati <p>This research aims to address the slow learning pace of students at SDN Pojok 1 by combining a culturally-based motivational approach and economic token techniques. The background of the study arises from the necessity for holistic student character development and an understanding that cultural values can serve as motivational drivers. Cultural values, such as perseverance and hard work, can form the foundation for intrinsic student motivation. Economic token techniques were chosen to provide tangible external incentives while accommodating cultural values as additional motivators. The implementation of this technique involves crucial roles from school stakeholders, including teachers, school principals, and students. The implementation process should consider the specific needs of the school and align external incentives with students' intrinsic motivation. Practical steps include understanding the students, introducing the token system, awarding tokens, utilizing tokens, and monitoring. The research results indicate that the implementation of economic token techniques is effective in enhancing the motivation of slow-learning students. The conclusion of this research provides insights into the influence of cultural values and the success of economic token techniques in improving the learning quality of students at SDN Pojok 1. Suggestions for further research involve delving into implementation aspects and evaluating the extent of its impact on students' academic achievements.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Farikha Rahmah, Dira Febi Restufia Pangestu, Ratri Eka Handini, Via Dwi Linanda, Vivi Ratnawati Kondisi Perilaku Asertif Pada Siswa Sekolah Menengah Pertama 2024-01-31T20:25:21+07:00 Suharsimi Arikunto Purwadi Purwadi Mufied Fauziah Hurin Nabila <p>The aim of this research is to obtain information regarding the condition of assertive behavior in junior high school students. This research uses a descriptive method with a quantitative approach. The research subjects in this study were junior high school students with a total of 137 students with the research variable assertive behavior. Assertive behavior is measured using an assertive behavior scale whose validity and reliability have been tested. The data obtained was then analyzed by calculating the percentage of the level of assertive behavior manifested by junior high school students who had filled out the instrument. The research results obtained were the percentage of assertive behavior in junior high school students. The results of this percentage show that there are no students (0%) who fall into the very low category, 2 students (1%) fall into the low category, 25 students (18%) fall into the medium category, 86 students (63%) fall into the high category, and 24 students (18%) fall into the very high category. In this way, it is hoped that the results of this research can be of interest to guidance and counseling teachers and counselors in increasing students' assertive behavior, so that students can live prosperously and comfortably in social situations.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Suharsimi Arikunto, Purwadi, Mufied Fauziah, Hurin Nabila Program Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka dalam Mendukung Kesejahteraan Mahasiswa 2024-01-31T20:48:28+07:00 Juwita Finayanti Suharni Suharni <p>Student well-being in higher education is important considering that campus is a place to learn and gain new experiences, of course it is necessary to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere for students. The Merdeka Belajar curriculum paradigm is to liberate students in their learning. Our father of education, Ki Hajar Dewantara, stated that "educating basically demands that children conform to their nature". The implication is that we as education administrators strive to create student welfare on campus. Based on the results of a study conducted by Noble, et al (2008), seven pathways to prosperous students were found, namely (1) building a campus community that supports each other, respects and is open (2) develops prosocial values; (3) provide a safe learning environment; (4) improve social-emotional learning; (5) using a strengths-based approach; (6) foster a sense of meaningfulness and purpose; (7) encourage students to live a healthy lifestyle. This article examines the Independent Campus Learning Program in supporting student welfare. To prevent problems from occurring and help in dealing with the complex roles and demands faced, welfare as a student needs to be fulfilled.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Juwita Finayanti, Suharni Maraknya Fujoshi di Kalangan Remaja Generasi Z Terhadap Kecanduan Genre Boy’s Love (BXB) pada Media Online 2024-01-31T20:52:32+07:00 Putri Indah Ramadiani Atrup Atrup <p>The boy's love genre is a genre where it shows or tells a romantic story between the same sex (male). Not only in love stories, this genre usually tells how the struggle of Seme's love against Uke in getting his love back is interspersed with several dramas such as kinship, Yaoi, power and a love triangle. Some even embed the cultivation or supernatural genre, making one of the boy's love genres attractive to fujoshi circles. Fujoshi are people or women who like anything related to boy's love. While for men it is called fudanshi.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Putri Indah Ramadiani, Atrup Pembelajaran Mitigasi Bencana Berbasis Kearifan Lokal: Sebuah Inovasi dalam Membangun Resiliensi Sekolah 2024-01-31T21:12:31+07:00 Hayatul Khairul Rahmat Abdul Haris Achadi Ahmad Aldizar Akbar A. Said Hasan Basri Rara Eka Yurika <p>The aims of the research was to examine local wisdom-based disaster mitigation learning as an innovation in building school resilience. In this research, the research method used library research methods. The results of this study were local wisdom-based disaster mitigation learning, namely learning based on local wisdom values ​​to reduce vulnerability in a school and increase preparedness in that group, as well as building resilience in a school. Disaster mitigation learning based on local wisdom can be implemented by identifying local wisdom in disaster mitigation and then integrating it into learning. This local wisdom can be in the form of idioms, symbols and songs that are found in an area prone to disasters and then vigilance is instilled in the surrounding community so that it can be anticipated early.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Hayatul Khairul Rahmat, Abdul Haris Achadi, Ahmad Aldizar Akbar, A. Said Hasan Basri, Rara Eka Yurika Peran Locus Of Control Dan Optimisme Terhadap Resiliensi Pada Ibu Yang Membesarkan Anak Dengan Keterbelakangan Mental Sedang Di Sekolah Luar Biasa C 2024-02-02T14:30:54+07:00 Nur’aeni Nur’aeni Salsabila Nur Maulina Fatin Rohmah Nur Wahidah Pambudi Rahardjo <p>Mothers who care for mentally retarded children in the moderate category have problems, namely feeling pressure from within themselves while carrying out their role and need the ability to survive in difficult situations so that they are able to recover from the pressure they experience and have an attitude of resilience. The aim of this research was to examine the influence of locus of control and optimism on resilience in mothers caring for moderately mentally retarded children at SPECIAL SCHOOL C-C1 Yakut Purwokerto. This research method uses a quantitative approach with a saturated sampling technique involving 110 mothers caring for moderately mentally retarded children at C-C1 EXTRAORDINARY SCHOOL Yakut Purwokerto. The data analysis method used in this research is multiple linear regression analysis techniques. The research results show that resilience has validity ranging from 0.278 to 0.613 with 36 valid items with a reliability value of 0.846. In Locus of control, the validity value obtained moves from 0.264 to 0.616 with 36 valid items with a reliability value of 0.805. Meanwhile, optimism has validity moving from validity in the optimism scale moving from 0.253 to 0.613 with 36 valid items with a reliability value of 0.857. Based on the results of data analysis with a significance level of 5%, a probability value of sig (p) = 0.000 (p&lt;0.05) was obtained, indicating that there is a significant influence between locus of control and optimism on resilience in mothers who care for moderately mentally retarded children in SPECIAL SCHOOLS. C-C1 Yakut Purwokerto</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Nur’aeni, Nur’aeni, Salsabila Nur Maulina, Fatin Rohmah Nur Wahidah, Pambudi Rahardjo Miskonsepsi Individu Terhadap Cyberbullying dalam Lingkungan Sekolah 2024-02-02T14:21:43+07:00 Yesa Keren Hapukh Samma Sankapa Yuhana Lusi Anggraini Muhammad Ali Mafuddin Muhammad Syarifudin Rambu Yoseba Mau Awang Arzeti Farida Dewantari <p>The state of the world today has shifted to a more modern era, where advances in various fields have been developed, one of which is internet technology. The internet provides various applications that can help activities, needs, and even entertainment for each individual human being, such as social media is an application that captures a lot of social interaction in cyberspace such as Instagram, X, TikTok applications, where in these applications there is a lot of interaction between individuals in the world through posting something like photos or writing. This social media application itself is favored by various groups, especially among young people, they use social media applications to express themselves. Whether it's sad or happy they will post the moments they experience and it invites people in cyberspace to comment, but sometimes this is what can be a boomerang for cyberbullying.The purpose of writing this article is to see about individual misconceptions about cyberbullying that occurs in the surrounding environment, especially in the school environment and change individual conceptions and awareness about cyberbullying that occurs around them must be stopped.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Yesa Keren Hapukh Samma Sankapa, Yuhana Lusi Anggraini, Muhammad Ali Mafuddin, Muhammad Syarifudin, Rambu Yoseba Mau Awang, Arzeti Farida Dewantari Implementasi Program Anti Bullying pada Peserta Didik di SMK Ahmad Yani Kediri 2024-02-02T16:11:19+07:00 Ryanda Surya Putra Luisa Andin Nur Fadillah Ahmad Yoga Pratama Friska Elya Prameswari Nora Yuniar Setyaputri <p>Bullying is an aggressive act that annoys, distrubs, or hurts another person physically or psychologically which is carried out repeatedly by a group on a particular individual. This bullying is usually aimed at individuals who are considered weak or different from most other individuals who are carried out by a group that is considered strong. There are 3 types of bullying, that are, physical, cyber, and verbal. Family factors, mass media, and peers are some of the causes of student bullying. These three factors most influence student bullying. This research aims to find out how the implementation of anti-bullying programs is in accordance with the concept and what factors support the success of anti-bullying programs in educational institutions. This research uses a library research method. Data sources are obtained from books, journals, articles, reports, documents and other sources of information relevant to the research topic both offline and online. Data obtained from literature studies were analyzed qualitatively.</p> 2024-01-31T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Ryanda Surya Putra, Luisa Andin Nur Fadillah, Ahmad Yoga Pratama, Friska Elya Prameswari, Rozy Bintang Ambar Pratiwi, Nora Yuniar Setyaputri