Studi Kenakalan Remaja Dengan Latar Belakang Keluarga Broken Home Di Kota Kediri

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Delinquency in adolescents with family problems can be triggered from divorce/broken home so that adolescents experience psychological impacts, namely: excessive fear, unwilling to interact with others, closing themselves and the environment, emotional, sensitive, high-tempered, and unstable. It can also have an impact on the psyche that affects growth, behavior, ways of thinking and others. Juvenile delinquency arises from deficiencies in the child or family originating from internal and external factors. Deviations from these norms are a form of juvenile delinquency. Overcoming delinquency in adolescents requires support from the family itself, as for the purpose of using a qualitative research approach, namely to obtain data, descriptions and detailed and comprehensive explanations regarding the types, changes in attitudes, factors that cause teenagers to become naughty against the background of teenagers with broken home backgrounds. Adolescence is a transitional period in the span of human life, connecting childhood and adolescence, adolescence is behavior that deviates from the rules and norms carried out by adolescents which is not socially acceptable because it can cause harm to themselves and others.


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