Konseling Cognitive Behavioral (Solusi Yang Ditawarkan Untuk Meningkatkan Self Efficacy Siswa)

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Education is one aspect that has an important role in nation building. The educational process can be taken at school, where students will learn various things. Therefore, students are expected to have confidence in their abilities in learning so that what they want in learning is realized according to their abilities. But many students experience low self-efficacy in learning. This is indicated by students not being confident in their abilities, distancing themselves from difficult tasks, giving up quickly when faced with obstacles, weak commitment to the goals they want to achieve, in difficult situations tend to think about their shortcomings. Therefore, efforts need to be made through counseling services to increase self-efficacy. One of them is cognitive behavioral counseling. This cognitive behavioral counseling process will be directed to students to think, feel and act, by emphasizing the brain as an analyzer, decision maker, asking questions, acting, and deciding again. With cognitive behavioral counseling it is expected to increase student learning self-efficacy. However, this article is only limited to the rationalization of cognitive behavioral counseling strategies to increase self-efficacy


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