Peran Guru Bk Dalam Mengimplementasikan Disiplin Positif

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Kurikulum merdeka was officially launched in February 2022 by the Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim. The curriculum, which is based on the philosophical thoughts of Ki Hajar Dewantara, provides the view that educating is guiding all nature that exists within a child so as to achieve the highest safety and happiness. So that in this concept learning must be freed from all threats, punishments, bullying that make children feel afraid in the learning process. This also applies in efforts to realize student discipline in schools. The process of disciplining students in schools in general still prioritizes rewards and punishments. The concept of independent learning, inviting discipline must grow from self-awareness and self-confidence. The concept of positive discipline in the independent curriculum is based on the theory of control and reality counseling initiated by William Glasser, where guidance and counseling teachers really understand and are even fluent in practice in reality counseling. So that with the competence possessed by the guidance and counseling teacher, they are able to play more roles and even become pioneers in the implementation of positive discipline.


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