Pemanfaatan Media Berbasis Board Game

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Fitriani Qurrotul Uyun
Sri Panca Setyawati
Setya Adi Sancaya


In Guidance and Counseling services there are often obstacles that prevent messages or information from being conveyed precisely and accurately. Therefore Guidance and Counseling teachers need media that aims to expedite the process of service activities. Through Guidance and Counseling media students can more easily grasp the material presented and at the same time an interactive relationship can be established between the Guidance and Counseling teacher and students. One of the media that can be used is board game-based media in the form of snakes and ladders which are classified as visual media. Snakes and Ladders is a game in the form of a board with boxes of different colors based on the type of tile.


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Uyun, F. Q. ., Setyawati, S. P., & Sancaya, S. A. . (2022). Pemanfaatan Media Berbasis Board Game. Prosiding Konseling Kearifan Nusantara (KKN), 2, 255–258. Retrieved from

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