Profil Motivasi Belajar di SMP Mardi Utomo Grogol Kediri

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Deva Aprillia Hamidah
Galang Surya Gumilang


In the world of education, a motivation is needed for students to do, do, and make a product in the form of value or work which will be useful in the next life. However, not many students understand this motivation. If it is more studied and researched about a student's motivation to learn, there is no doubt about a quality of the student himself. A motivation to learn can influence a student's interest in the subjects they teach while studying. Therefore it is very important to apply motivation from an early age or earlier so that when they are in junior high school when they are transitioning from elementary school they are still awake to study hard. Motivation and learning are two things that cannot be separated. In learning activities, motivation is needed to support student learning. Learning that is based on strong motivation will provide better learning outcomes. As is known, learning is the process of people acquiring various skills, skills and attitudes. Learning brings about changes in behavior.


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