Pembentukan pendidikan karakter siswa smp Melalui permainan“Obak Sodor”

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The game is a certain situation and condition when a person, both individually and in a group, seeks pleasure and satisfaction through playing activities in which there are agreed rules and certain goals to seek pleasure and satisfaction. The game has many elements and characteristic values, which include responsibility, hard work and others. Moreover, character education should be taught and instilled in junior high school students so that later they are expected to be able to become better individuals. The application through the traditional game of Obak Sodor is expected to indirectly provide positive values ​​and character for students. The purpose of this study is to form positive character values ​​for students through the game of Obak Sodor, so that by giving the game they are able to apply the character of responsibility, hard work and others contained in the game


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SINTA AYUARDHI WAHYUNINGTYAS, & SRI PANCA SETYAWATI. (2022). Pembentukan pendidikan karakter siswa smp Melalui permainan“Obak Sodor” . Prosiding Konseling Kearifan Nusantara (KKN), 1(1), 75–82. Retrieved from

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