Board Game Reog Kendang : Inovasi Media Bk Berbasis Nilai-Nilai Budaya

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The rapid development of technology causes a decrease in the value of responsibility and self-awareness of students. Based on the facts found, symptoms of self-awareness at SMPN 2 Kalidawir include truancy, not doing assignments, and not paying attention to lessons. This is contrary to Javanese culture, especially Tulungagung which upholds the value of responsibility and self-discipline. One of the cultures that illustrates the noble values ​​of the Tulungagung people is the Reog Kendang art. This art contains many noble values ​​such as religious, responsibility, discipline, leadership, and tolerance. However, from observations and interviews, it is known that this culture is starting to lose interest because it is considered ancient and the tools used are less practical. Based on these facts, counselors need to make media innovations that are able to accommodate cultural values. One of the innovations that can be developed is making a board game by adopting cultural values ​​in Reog Kendang. The board game development uses the Research and Development (R&D) method with modifications according to research needs.


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