Media Ular Tangga Sebuah Inovasi Media BK Dalam Menentukan Karier Siswa SMK

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Renny Eka Dhamayanti
Vivi Ratnawati
Risaniatin Ningsih


Snakes and ladders media which is an innovative Guidance and Counseling media to determine the career planning of SMK students. This article discusses career planning through a media game of snakes and ladders which is carried out based on the potential and problems that exist in schools, namely the need for innovative media reforms used in schools during the career guidance process. The guidance process if only using interviews tends to make the guidance process less effective and efficient. So that through group guidance information on career planning can be conveyed properly. The purpose of this article is to serve as a reference for further research in the process of developing Snakes and ladders media based on career planning and to produce valid, practical, effective and responsive media. The existence of this media is expected to help the guidance process in schools. Students are expected to be active in planning their career according to their talents and interests. The Bk teacher or counselor acts as a facilitator who creates a conducive guidance atmosphere to foster students' activeness in determining their careers. The expected result is a media development product in the form of the Snakes and ladders game.


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Dhamayanti, R. E. ., Ratnawati, V. ., & Ningsih, R. . (2022). Media Ular Tangga Sebuah Inovasi Media BK Dalam Menentukan Karier Siswa SMK. Prosiding Konseling Kearifan Nusantara (KKN), 2, 483–489. Retrieved from

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