Pemanfaatan Video Conten Creator Untuk Meningkatkan Karakter Siswa SMA

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Olivvia Antoni


The good character of high school students is decreasing day by day, there are many deviations committed by high school students who violate the code of ethics and moral values that exist in society. Students are required to have good character. Good character is not merely a demand but an obligation that everyone must have. According to Kamisa, the notion of character is psychological traits, morals, and manners that can make a person look different from other people. Character can be interpreted as having character and personality. In terms of understanding, character is basically very attached to every human being. High school students in particular must have good character. In SMAN itself good character is being encouraged to be instilled by teachers, especially counseling teachers. In this case, because of the progress of time, everything is getting more advanced and more adequate. Students prefer things that are viral in their circles. Therefore, to improve good character, the counseling teacher must be innovative in providing education. By utilizing technology with video media on social media or content creators to attract high school students. Students will follow the good content that we have created. This content will help BK teachers to optimize and improve the character of high school students


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