Artikel Pembelajaran Anak Terkait Pendidikan Pancasila

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Kharisma silvianingrum
Angga ashari wardanu
Gayatri dwi astuti
Anis Latifah widiastuti
Angellina widya kinarosih


School as a formal educational institution has a fairly heavy load in carrying out its educational mission. Along with the times, the development of the educational curriculum is also growing. The development of this era also affects students in thinking, behaving and behaving, especially towards those who are still in the stage of development in transition who are looking for self-identity. Education that is urgently needed at this time is education that can integrate character education with education that can optimize the development of all child dimensions (cognitive, physical,  social-emotional,  creative,  and spiritual). Character building must be carried out systematically and continuously involving aspects of knowledge, feeling, loving, and acting. The basis for implementing character education is moral values. Learning Pancasila education also includes learning that can develop the character of students, because learning Pancasila contains norms that will shape the character of students. Character building in schools is also closely related to school management or management. The management in question is how the strengthening of the character of nationalism is planned, implemented, and adequately controlled in educational activities in schools.


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