Realitas Pengalaman Terapiutik Konselor Multibudaya Era Post-Modern

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The postmodern era has brought multicultural counseling into a new trend in the process of an independent therapeutic service paradigm for the counselee. Relativity as a key word in the postmodern era that encourages counselors to be able to utilize various supporting resources to achieve counseling success. The cultural values ​​approach is one of the strategies that has begun to be implemented to meet the need for comprehensive counseling services in filling every space of relativity in the counselee's room and the counselor himself. The purpose of this paper is to provide insight into the reality of the counselor's experience in providing counseling services to counselees using a local wisdom-based counseling approach. Local wisdom in counseling services is uniquely provided by the counselor in accordance with the background of cultural values ​​that are owned and developed around the counselor. The form of the counselor's therapeutic experience can be seen from how to use the counseling model, the selection of counseling techniques, and the evaluation mechanism of counseling services in observing changes in counselees before and after attending counseling. Based on the results, it is known that multicultural counselors position themselves as subjects of successful counseling because they have succeeded in concocting models, strategies and counseling techniques used in the therapeutic process with the counselee.


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