Mindfullness Dan Self Regulated Learning Technique Dalam Mengembangkan Pendidikan Karakter

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Character education is an obligation thtat must be developed by every educational institution. The purpose of this is not only to make students as intelligent individuals in terms of academic knowledge but also to teach soft skills that can provide the ability to overcome psychological pressure felt by students. The purposw of this study is to understand the forms of mindfulness and self regulated learning techniques that can be given to students in developing character education. This study uses a literature review method. The result of the search show that the provision of mindfulness programs is proven to play a role in the psychological conditions of educators and students, namely reducing stress levels, academic anxiety, increasing attention and emotional regulation, increasing a sense of optimism and reducing behaviora problems that occur in students. Forms of mindfulness that can be developed in students are non judging (without judgment), loving kindness (developing love and kindness) non reactivity (responding with a clear mind), gentleness, curiosity, generosity, gratitude, acceptance, letting go, non stiving, trust, beginner’s mind and patience.


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WIDIYA ARIS RADIANI. (2022). Mindfullness Dan Self Regulated Learning Technique Dalam Mengembangkan Pendidikan Karakter. Prosiding Konseling Kearifan Nusantara (KKN), 1(1), 49–60. Retrieved from https://proceeding.unpkediri.ac.id/index.php/kkn/article/view/1396