The Effect of Listening Songs to Enrich Vocabulary at Tenth Grade SMAN 7 Kediri

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Ade Puspita Larasati Paputungan
Agung Wicaksono
Suhartono Suhartono


The background of this research is based on the researcher’s observations and experience. This study about to enrich students vocabularies. Sometimes students have difficulty mastering some vocabulary in English, such as: synonyms and antonyms because of the lack of mastery of the students' vocabulary so it is difficult to get the right answer. In teaching vocabulary, the teacher has to use better methods such as listening to English song technique to make students interested in learning vocabulary because songs are one of the most interested and rich resources of  vocabulary that can easily be used in language classrooms to make the stdents get more ideas from the songs they hear.  The sample of this research is the X MIPA 5 of SMAN 7 KEDIRI consist of 15 students. The instrument that are used are test. The test is given to know the students’ mastering vocabulary before being taught by listening to English song which are in the form of pretest and after being taught by listening to eglish song which are in the form of post-test.The result of this research is that teaching to teaching learning to English song has significant effect on the student.

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Ade Puspita Larasati Paputungan, Agung Wicaksono, & Suhartono, S. (2023). The Effect of Listening Songs to Enrich Vocabulary at Tenth Grade SMAN 7 Kediri. ELTT, 9(1), 7–11. Retrieved from


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