Dirac Equation for Posch-Teller Potential in Radial Section Symmetry Spin Case using Asymptotic Iteration Method


Dirac Equation
Potential Posch-Teller
Asymptotic Iteration Method

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Alam, Y., & Hariyanto, Y. A. . (2022). Dirac Equation for Posch-Teller Potential in Radial Section Symmetry Spin Case using Asymptotic Iteration Method. Proceedings of the International Seminar on Business, Education and Science, 1(1), 88–97. https://doi.org/10.29407/int.v1i1.2658


This study aims to determine the value of the energy spectrum and wave function for the Posch-Teller potential in the case of radial spin symmetry. The solution to the Dirac equation using the asymptotic iteration method is done by reducing the second-order differential equation to a hypergeometric type differential equation by means of variable substitution to obtain a relativistic energy equation. The relativistic energy of the system is calculated using matlab software. This study is limited to the case of spin symmetry in the radial section.



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