A discourse analysis in politeness used by english teacher in language classroom

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Dian Fathurrohmah
Inas Nadifa
M. Ihwan


Communication is a way for people to communicate their thoughts to others. People can refer to their meaning by paying attention to their words conscientiously, but they should notice the manner in which they try to deliver their meaning because it can help other people to read the thought. According to Brown and Levinson (1987), politeness is a way to deliver the expression as politely as possible which this point is needed to reduce contravention with others. Therefore actually being polite is an important thing because it can help to deliver their meaning without offending others. The objective of this research is to analyze politeness used by an English teacher in a language classroom by applying the theory from Brown and Levinson (1978 and revised in 1987). This research uses a descriptive qualitative design by reason of this research explains the kinds of politeness that are used by an English teacher in the language classroom. The results of this study are the English teacher using positive and negative politeness in her teaching while in a language classroom based on the circumstances and also the condition. The politeness that comes up in her speech is positive politeness, as she is often in a comfortable situation and feels enthusiastic in the language classroom.

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Dian Fathurrohmah, Inas Nadifa, & M. Ihwan. (2022). A discourse analysis in politeness used by english teacher in language classroom . ELTT, 8(1), 39–44. Retrieved from https://proceeding.unpkediri.ac.id/index.php/eltt/article/view/2765


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